Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mid Mod Decor

We've really been struggling with what decor to put on our walls.

First, they're plaster walls.  If you've ever dealt with plaster walls, you know it's not as simple as putting a nail in the wall.

Second, the wall are a brush stroke texture.  If we change our mind in a few days months, it's not just a simple hole to patch, it's hiring a specialist to come re-texture the wall.

So what are we to do!?!

I've been searching the web, looking for ideas and inspiration.  I keep coming back to the sun burst.  You see it every where in mid mod decor.  Clocks, mirrors, etc.  But the price tag is a little much for my taste.

So I made my own.

You can find the full tutorial on my other blog if you'd like to take a shot at it.  It was fairly easy and way less expensive than one found in a mid mod boutique. 

Now what to do on the other walls???

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I've never pegged my husband to be a "leg" man, but when it comes to furniture, that's all he sees.

Well before we closed on our house, we began the hunt for the perfect furniture.  Craigslist was our main search engine, and all Mark had to do was look at the legs of the furniture to see if it was the right match for us ... the price came next.

Mid Mod furniture is known for it's narrowing legs, giving the furniture a lighter feel.  Our house is small, so heavy looking furniture made the rooms crowded and overwhelming.

But with the right kind of leg, the room is light and airy.  Too bad my legs don't have the same effect ;).

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Upstairs Bath - What a pain!

We knew we'd have to totally gut the upstairs bathroom.  Let me preface this by saying that my husband is a general contractor, he knows what he's doing.  His living is made by remodeling old homes and making them new.  All that to say, he could not believe what "Harry Homeowner" did to this house.  Harry had no idea what he was doing.  There were multiple layers of flooring in the bathroom, the pipes were leaking every where, there was mold and rotting floor joists ... It.Was.A.Mess.

Our goal and vision for the bathroom was to bring it back to it's era.  We wanted a sleek, mid mod look with elements that made it modern for us.

Here are the "during" pictures.  Mark had to gut everything.  The only things we salvaged was the cast iron tub because it's cast iron!  Mark also smoothed out the walls to a flat texture which took hours but was totally worth it.

We chose to go with a black and white color palette.  We chose pinwheel tile, straight from the 50s.

The hardware we chose was chrome, again going with the era, but because we had so much squareness in the bathroom, we went with hardware that had some curve to it.

The faucet is also chrome.  We really like the sleek design of this one.

 The black splash is very complimentary to the floor tile, emphasizing the black squares.

This lighting we found on clearance!  Again chrome :)

For the shower tile, we wanted simple and classic.  We did a basic white subway tile to really enhance the mid mod look.

And here's the final product!  We picked lime green accents and painted the walls a soft gray.  Since everything is black and white base, we can always change!  And with two little kids, I don't imagine these rugs will last for long.