Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Where We Began

When we bought this house, it was in horrible shape.  It was bank-owned, totally trashed, random things missing (closet doors for example), but we still wanted it.  It was the first house we ever looked at, the first house we ever put an offer on, the first house we owned.

Our realtor work his butt off for us getting this house.  Thankfully he's a really good friend too!  The entire roof needed to be replaced, there was mold in the house from a roof leak, and then, to our benefit, the appraisal came in under purchase price.  We put our initial offer in April 12th and closed July 19th.

Our first issues to take on once we closed on the house were remodeling the upstairs bath and changing the layout of the basement stairs.

Here are the "before" pictures:

Front of the House

Living Room

Dining/Desk Area


Looking Upstairs

Master Bedroom

Jordan's Bedroom

Reese's Bedroom

Upstairs Bathroom

Shower in Upstairs Bathroom

Powder Room


Looking Down to Basement




Looking down to Basement

Playroom/Future Laundry Room

Back of House
Front of House


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