Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mid Mod Decor

We've really been struggling with what decor to put on our walls.

First, they're plaster walls.  If you've ever dealt with plaster walls, you know it's not as simple as putting a nail in the wall.

Second, the wall are a brush stroke texture.  If we change our mind in a few days months, it's not just a simple hole to patch, it's hiring a specialist to come re-texture the wall.

So what are we to do!?!

I've been searching the web, looking for ideas and inspiration.  I keep coming back to the sun burst.  You see it every where in mid mod decor.  Clocks, mirrors, etc.  But the price tag is a little much for my taste.

So I made my own.

You can find the full tutorial on my other blog if you'd like to take a shot at it.  It was fairly easy and way less expensive than one found in a mid mod boutique. 

Now what to do on the other walls???

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